• 1000’s videos, worksheets, lighting set-ups, Lightroom presets, raw files and much more.

  • Critiques of student’s work.

  • Monthly assignments.

  • Exclusive members discounts on photography brands and services.

  • Live Q&A sessions with pro photographers.

  • Personalised support.

  • Learn in your own time at your own pace.

teach you how to do it

1. We don’t just show you great photography – we teach you how to do it!

We’ve been teaching photography since 2002 and all courses are planned, structured, and produced by a fully qualified UK Advanced Skills Teacher. With over 20 years of photography teaching experience, rest assured you’re in good hands.

Realistic Learning

2. Realistic Learning Environment

We don’t sell courses that use 5 assistants, big studios and £1000s worth of equipment. We sell solid photography learning, based on years of research, proven to help you retain and put into practice photography knowledge with ease.

Accurate and thorough photography knowledge

3. Accurate and thorough knowledge

The internet is full of opinion masquerading as fact. Hours and hours of content can also mean hours and hours of confusion.

Our lessons get straight to the point with accurate and thorough knowledge saving you precious time and ensuring you get factual information.

Lots of new content

4. New content added monthly

We invest heavily in our online training. This includes current and future online courses, photography assignments and regular student critiques.

Affordable photography course

5. Affordable and Accessible

We offer great value for money. You can purchase our professional online courses individually from just £79/$99 or become a member of TSOP for £13.99/$19 a month and get access to all our online photography courses. 1000’s of videos, photography worksheets, lighting set-ups, Lightroom presets, raw files, monthly assignments and much more.

Watch on any device white background.jpg

6. Watch anytime, anywhere

Have the freedom to watch our content anytime, anywhere, on any device.

practical photography tasks

7. Get hands on with practical tasks

When it comes to learning, doing is always better than listening. In our courses, knowledge gained is then applied in set tasks making it perfect for people who like to get hands on and learn better, whilst putting things into practice.

downloadable pdf help sheets

8. Downloadable course content

Our lessons also come with downloadable worksheets, raw files, presets, brushes and much more to help reinforce the knowledge learnt.

Join our photography learning community

9. Become part of our learning community

Join 1000s of others on our Facebook Page and YouTube channel. Ask questions, share your work and interact with other learners in our private members groups.

Photography assignments and competitions

10. Assignments and Competitions

Develop your skills further in our Assignments and Competitions.

We have 100% confidence in our courses!

We offer a no-risk solution here at The School of Photography - If you don’t learn anything, we will give you your money back! I offer this because I have a degree in photography, a post-graduate degree in education, I’m a fully qualified teacher and have been teaching photography since 2002. All of this experience goes into making these courses. We know that our courses will make you excellent photographers just like they have done for 1000s of others.

Full 60-day money back guarantee.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what others are saying….

“The school of photography far exceeded my expectations. Marc has a way of teaching that makes it easy to understand and put into practice. I now find that I totally look at subjects in a different way and know how to apply the knowledge gained to express what I am trying to achieve. Thank you Marc for opening my eyes to a different world.” - Michael Stearn - UK

"This is not only one of the best courses I've ever taken, it was by far the most enjoyable! Marc clearly knows his stuff. Equally important, he knows how to deliver the information in such a way that it not only sinks in, but stays in place." - Judi Ealey – USA

“The School of Photography meets the 5 Star criteria no hesitation. Marc knows his subject that is clear. He has a well-paced style of teaching that reaches students of all experience. I hope to book another course and would recommend The School of Photography.” – Simon Adams - UK

“Excellent! As a self-taught amateur photographer, I had what I thought was a good knowledge of ISO, Shutter speed, F stops, etc. However, this course filled in the inevitable gaps that a less formal education will leave. This is no doubt the best investment I have made in photography. Marc not only explains the principles of photography very clearly, he also shows you the application of that knowledge. I have already seen great improvement in my photos. I recommend this course without reservations. You will be the better for it. Thanks Marc.” - Francis Moine - USA

Our customers love us!

The School of Photography is rated excellent

Rated Excellent on Trust Pilot, Facebook and Google.

This is real learning delivered by professional teachers!

We’ve been teaching photography since 2002. The founder of TSOP, Marc Newton, is a fully qualified UK teacher, an educational speaker, an author, has a photography degree and a post-graduate degree in education. All of this experience goes into bringing you the best education money can buy.

If you're new to photography, have limited equipment, want to build a photography career, or just have the ambition to take great photos, TSOP is a great place to start.