What is Elopement Photography?

In the last several years more couples are choosing to elope instead of having a traditional wedding. Elopements are a more intentional and meaningful way to get married. They’re a lot smaller in size than traditional weddings with usually 15 or less people total. The focus is on the couple instead of the guests. More photographers are now preferring to photograph elopements due to the more intentional, intimate, and less stressful experience. 

Elopement photography of a couple getting married with mountains in the background

Why is Elopement Photography so popular?

Even before the Covid pandemic in 2020 there was still an upward trend in couples choosing to elope. Most couples start planning a traditional wedding and realize how stressful it is and decide to elope instead. Here are a few reasons elopement photography is popular:

●        Takes off the pressure of the couple especially if they’re more introverted and don’t want to be the centre of attention.

●        Focuses on a “just us” intentional wedding day.

●        The freedom to choose what to do during the wedding day.

●        Stress free.

Elopement photography of a couple getting married on a beach with the ocean behind them

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What are the benefits of Elopement Photography?

There are many benefits of elopement photography. Firstly, it allows the couple to have complete control over their wedding day. The couple can choose to make whatever decisions they want without having to focus on pleasing their guests or family. Here are some more benefits of elopement photography:

●        Cheaper cost.

●        Easier to plan/can elope on a shorter timeline.

●        Couples can be authentic and intentional with their day.

●        More options for where you can get married.

●        Epic photos.


When you elope, you don’t have to worry about your guests, if your wedding is running on time and smoothly. You also won’t have to deal with any family drama and can invite whoever you want or even have no guests. Elopements are low pressure, and you truly have the space to be yourself.

For elopement photographers, they get to capture an authentic and meaningful day. It’s an honour to sometimes be the only person witnessing a couple's vows and helping them plan their wedding day.

How is it different from traditional weddings?

Elopements are very different from traditional weddings. Elopements are focused on the raw and intimate moments. They’re focused on capturing the story in a natural and candid way. Traditional weddings usually take place in a venue that is rented out while elopements can take place anywhere like a national park, a beautiful house, or a beach.

Elopements allow photographers to be able to get a lot more photos of the couple without being rushed so they can get creative. Traditional weddings also stick to a very tight timeline since you have so many guests, compared to elopements which are far more more laid back.

Elopement photography of a couple getting married in front of a car at night

Elopement photography of a couple getting married on a rock front at the beach

What is an elopement photographer?

An elopement photographer is someone who specializes in photographing elopements instead of traditional weddings. Since elopements are becoming more popular more photographers are choosing to photograph elopements also.

Elopement photographers help with planning the elopement, finding vendors, locations, and so much more. They work a lot more closely with their couples compared to a traditional wedding photographer.

Final Thoughts

Elopement photography is becoming more popular as couples are now realizing they don’t want the stress of wedding planning and want an intentional wedding experience. More photographers are choosing to photograph elopements over weddings due to having a more relaxed and personal experience with their clients.

Some of the benefits of elopements include having a more intimate and authentic wedding experience that’s stress free. Typically, people who elope don’t want to be the centre of attention during their wedding day. Overall, elopements are a fun and unique way to say, “I do.”

Elopement photography of a couple getting married in a forest with a horse
Elopement photography of a couple getting married on cliff edge

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About the author

Tiffany Woerz is an elopement photographer based in Southern California who guides couples on unforgettable elopements. Follow her on Instagram or visit her Website.