Photographing Cities at Night with Marc Newton

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Welcome to our online night photography course, where the magic of the night comes alive through the lens of your camera! Whether you're a seasoned photographer looking to refine your skills or a beginner eager to explore the wonders of night photography, this course is your gateway to unlocking the beauty of the city at night.

This is an in depth, comprehensive city night photography course that is perfect for photographers looking to explore this genre of photography. The course will teach you every aspect of night photography and the techniques learnt will apply to any city in the world.

You’ll learn about the equipment, settings and specialist techniques needed to create stunning night photography. From finding the best locations to composite editing – this course covers it all!

As always with TSOP the course has been designed and structured by a professional, fully qualified teacher. Teaching photography since 2002 means the education you receive is free of waffle and focuses on accurate and thorough knowledge. We’ve structured the course in an easy-to-understand way, breaking down this advanced area of photography into manageable learning that anyone can understand.

Follow along with TSOP founder Marc Newton as he transports you into the beautiful world of city night photography and teaches you the secrets behind creating the best city photographs out there.

Join us on a captivating journey through the night lit streets, towering skyscrapers, and hidden urban gems and capture the city in a whole new light!

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Settings for Night Photography

If you’ve tried this genre of photography, you’ve probably ended up with dull or dark images. This is because the city at night has unique exposure challenges that you need to overcome. Learn once and for all how to expose correctly for night photography.

London City buses streaking at night before and after

How important is post processing?

Editing night photography is extremely important. Poor editing will result in noisy images with little contrast. Learn the pro secrets of turning high contrast imagery into beautiful, exposed night photography of the city.

Unlock your potential and create stunning photography of the city at night. Join Marc Newton on this journey which will transform your night photography into something special!

What you will learn

  • Introduction to city night photography, different types, and the challenges you face.

  • Specialised equipment used for night photography.

  • Specific camera settings and techniques used by the pro’s.  

  • How to create stunning night cityscapes.

  • How to add light trails into night photography.

  • Planning for an effective night shoot.

  • Long exposure techniques.

  • How to expose correctly for low light photography. 

  • How to eliminate light pollution.

  • Pro Post processing techniques.

  • Colour and Black and White editing techniques.

  • Composite and HDR merging.

Who is this course for?

  • Night Photography beginners eager to capture the city at night through their lens.

  • Intermediate photographers looking to improve their nighttime shooting skills.

  • Experienced photographers seeking to add stunning city nightscapes to their portfolio.

  • Anyone with a passion for urban exploration and capturing the city's beauty at night.


“Wow! the wealth of knowledge and information in this course has taken my confidence as a photographer to another level. These lessons are so comprehensive, clear, concise and thorough. Best investment I've made in a long time!”

Assata Afua - USA

Course Content

Intro to your Course and Marc Newton

An introduction to Marc Newton, his night photography and how the course works. He also talks about the different types of city night photography and why he is so passionate for this genre.

Camera used for night photography

Lesson 2 – Equipment

Being a specialist genre, night photography needs specialist equipment. You’ll look at cameras, lenses, filters, and essential accessories to get refined professional imagery.

Two bridges and night with camera settings

Lesson 3 – Camera Settings, Specialist Techniques and Planning

Here you’ll learn the basics of photography at night, and you’ll understand the physics behind why good night imagery is so hard to achieve. You’ll learn about specific camera settings, how to expose properly in these very contrasty scenes, and specialist techniques needed to achieve high end results. You’ll also see how important it is to plan properly and be taught the secrets behind getting the pictures no one else can get!

Lesson 4 – Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Shoot

For our first shoot we head up to the beautiful city of London and focus our attention around the Millennium Bridge area. You’re taught how to get those classic bridge photos, how to expose for the streaking of vehicles and how to find unique compositions of these highly photographed areas.

Lesson 5 – Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Edit

The first of the edit lessons, here you’re taught how simple edits in Lightroom can make a dramatic difference and how to add detail in shadows and highlights without adding noise. Then you’re taught how to create black and white night photography and how to use Photoshop to merge different exposures. You are also provided with the raw files so you can follow along and learn with the lesson.

Tower Bridge, City of London at night

Lesson 6 – Tower Bridge and surroundings Shoot

For our second shoot we head to London’s famous Tower Bridge and then explore the surrounding areas for opportunities. You’re taught long exposure techniques, how to make a busy area look empty and how to get bus steaking effects. On top of this we again look for unique compositions and experiment with pano techniques.

Lesson 7 – Tower Bridge and surroundings Edit

In this lesson you’re shown multiple ways to edit night photography in Lightroom and Photoshop. You’re taught how to use masking, how to merge the best of several photos to create one stunning image and how to create a merged HDR pano! As usual, you’re supplied with the raw files to work along with the edit.

Lesson 8 – Houses of Parliament Shoot

In our third and final shoot, we head to London’s iconic Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. In this shoot you’ll see how to make the most of the unique challenge as that presents itself to us. We photograph Big Ben, London buses, Westminster Abbey and you’ll learn that even when things don’t go to plan, you can still get great results.

Screenshot of Adobe Lightroom showing the edit of Houses of parliment photo

Lesson 9 – Houses of Parliament Edit

Continuing on from the other edit lessons we push further into the skills needed to process night photography in Lightroom and Photoshop. Advanced masking, merging and blend modes are all covered to ensure you get the best from your imagery. Again, you are provided the raw files to work along with.

Lesson 10 – End of Course Recap

A friendly sign off from Marc and a recap on the knowledge you’ve learnt on the course.

A selection of Marc’s work


About your Tutor

Marc Newton is an educational speaker, author, teacher of photography and the founder of The School of Photography. He graduated with an honours degree in Photography in 2000 and over the years worked for many clients, turning his hand to many genres. He’s work has been exhibited around the UK and have had his work published in many national papers and magazines.

“Teaching Photography has been my passion for many years. I got my first paid photography job in 1997 whilst doing my photography degree, but in 2002 I decided to give teaching a go and I haven’t looked back since. I loved seeing the stunning imagery my students produced. I found the process of teaching filled me with a real sense of joy, and it still does today.

My success in teaching led me to become an Advanced skills Teacher and I started to train UK school teachers to deliver the Photography GCSE and A-Level curriculum. I wanted to take all of this teaching experience and offer it up to a wider audience, so in 2012 I started The School of Photography and now I teach this beautiful craft to people all over the world.”

View Marc’s exhibitions, awards and publication on his website here

Portrait of Marc Newton, teacher of photography


“You won't regret it! - If you want to take your photography and editing skills to new levels, TSoP is the very best place ever to be.” – Marianne Grützmeier – Denmark

“I was a You Tube learner and not going anywhere with my photos until I found the school of photography. The courses are well laid out and easy to follow. Marc Newton does a fantastic job teaching you and keeps challenging you to improve.” – Bryan Phillips – USA

“Marc's enthusiasm is infectious, and he motivates his students to fulfil their potential. The TSOP courses are structured, progressive and detailed. I highly recommend TSOP to anyone seeking to improve their photographic skills to a high level of competence.” – Sue Gilmore – UK

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What level do I need to be at?
This course is suited for intermediate photographers, Lightroom and Photoshop users. It is not suited for anyone who hasn’t used Photoshop and Lightroom or learnt about the basics of photography. In this case, please take a look at our Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop courses.

I’m not in the UK, will this course still be suitable for me?
Yes. All skills taught are the same worldwide. If you have a city nearby, this course will show you how to make it look stunning at night!

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Please see ‘Buying Options’ above.

Do I need Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Affinity for this course?
It depends. If you want to follow along with the edits then the answer is yes. However, if you edit your work in a different program then you can simply use the same editing techniques in whatever program you are used to. The raw files provided will open in any editing program that supports raw editing. If you wish to buy Adobe editing software we recommend buying their ‘Photography Plan (20GB)’ which includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC for a monthly fee. For more details on this plan click here.

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The courses are priced in British Pounds and US Dollars. On checkout, it will show the cost in British Pounds and will be converted into your currency when purchased. To get an accurate cost in your own currency click here to use a Currency Converter.

Do I get a certificate with this course?
Yes - On completion of all our courses, you receive a certificate from The School of Photography.


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This is real learning delivered by Professional Teachers!

We’ve been teaching photography since 2002 and all courses are planned and structured by a fully qualified UK Advanced Skills Teacher. Marc Newton an educational speaker, author, has a photography degree and a post-graduate degree in education. All this experience goes into bringing you the best education money can buy.

If you want to build a photography career, or just have the ambition to create great photos, TSOP is a great place to start.

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