A great time was had by all at our second Summer workshop in Macdonagh Junction.
After being booked out at our first portrait workshop in Macdonagh Junction in July this year, we staged a second one in August. Those that were unable to get in on the first one were delighted for another chance.

_SCO9597bw      _SCO9612

The day started out as usual with a couple of short but very informative tutorials on the essence of how the light plays on our portrait photos and how to monopolise on the best light.
This also included making sure everyone knew what settings to use on their cameras whether they were beginners with a small pocket camera or more experienced photographers with an SLR.

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We put into practice exactly what was learned on working with window light and using the cameras flash. Most of the participants admitted that they had just seen photos of themselves that they really liked and this was, in many cases, the only photo of themselves they had ever liked.

_SCO9635   _SCO9651a

After lunch and another tutorial we ventured into the sunshine to practice what had been learned about outdoor portrait photography.

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The strong sunlight gave great opportunity for challenges that our photographers would face in everyday situations. We managed to find areas of shade and used reflectors
where necessary. It was an interesting session on all counts, and not least when one lady from amongst the group proved her skills in encouraging volunteers from amongst
passing pedestrians to be our 'models'.

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