The Beginners in Digital Photography classes start afresh this September with two Beginners classes, an Improvers class and a Photoshop class

The Beginners in Digital Photography class is open to any digital camera owner who enjoys taking photos of family, friends, holidays and events but too often find themselves at a loss to know why they just can't get the camera to do what it should !

We also see on our classes many slightly more enthusiastic camera owners who have used their cameras on auto for a while but are now looking to gain a little more dynamic and a little more consistency from their pictures.


Our classes cover a simple understanding of the camera, a foundation of digital photography knowledge and an inspirational outline to better picture taking.    



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The 8 week course begins with an ‘OMG !’ introduction -  continues with an excitement towards greater understanding and culminates in that feel good factor of mastering the techniques required of becoming a competent camera user.

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Not only that but fun is guaranteed on our classes and over the past nine years and over 50 classes, many friendships have been formed.

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For more information on our Photoshop Course click here 

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