Our recent Portrait Lighting Masterclass in Macdonagh Junction Shopping Centre was a great success.
We had a fabulous time on Saturday at our Portrait Lighting Masterclass in Macdonagh Junction. Everyone learned so much and lot of questions were answered about taking fab portraits for home and family. The day was busy and full with both theory and practical. Everyone made a great group which also made it fun as well.

_MNY7289  _MNY7298

The day was structured with practical sessions sandwiched between short theory sessions which included slides with examples and easy to understand handouts.

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The morning was taken up with laying down the foundations of how light plays on our subject, how to set up our cameras and also some tips on using the flash on the camera to get a more flattering portrait. We had over an hour to practice what we had learned about how to get stunning portraits of our families and friends indoors, using the light from any window in the house.

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After lunch then we covered how we use the basics of light we have learned and put that into practice outdoors. Using whatever kind of conditions we are faced with on the day we use that light to our advantage to once again create stunning portraits that we never thought we could.

_MNY7305    _MNY7307

Because the workshop was all about technique and understanding of light as opposed to using expensive equipment, it was open to those with any kind of digital camera and also open to those who have had little or no experience with their cameras. Those with an ambition to pursue a career in photography and those who have been enjoying amateur photography for years were also present and the feedback was that they had learned great principles that would serve them towards their goals in a more practical and logical way.


However one of the most rewarding aspects of days like these is to see the fun that is had and the relationships that are formed between local camera owners and lovers of all things photography.

Some feedback from the day:

Great day, great group, great teacher. Learnt loads. Highly recommended. Brid

Had great time today at portrait work shop Amanda learnt a lot thanks again. David

Super day Amanda thankyou. A wealth of information, great practical sessions really lifted my spirit and revived my passion!!! Never felt a day go by so quickly. Great to meet new people make new friends. Clair

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