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Course Description

Join professional Fine Art Photographer Trudy Kepke as she takes you through her process of creating and selling high-end Fine Art Landscape Photography. Trudy is one of the most sought-after fine art photographers in the UK, selling her work in major galleries, one of the UK’s largest homeware retailers and from her own website and social media channels.

Her style is to turn landscape photography into unique pieces of art by giving them a painterly, dreamy feel through her incredibly unique application of textures and Photoshop techniques.

In this course, Trudy will share her secrets into creating this style of photography. You will learn high-end Photoshop techniques, pro printing techniques and the business of fine art photography to help you get your work selling all over the world!

From the shot to the edit, to the printing and to the business of Fine Art Landscape Photography, join Trudy as she walks you through this fun course and teaches you how to create unique Landscape Photography.

As always with TSOP this course has been designed, structured and produced by a professional, fully qualified teacher. We’ve been teaching photography since 2002. All this experience means the education you receive is free of waffle and focuses on accurate and thorough knowledge. We’ve structured the course in an easy-to-understand way, breaking down this complex subject into manageable learning tasks that anyone can understand.

Plus, to make your learning easy, it comes with Raw image files, PSD’s, Texture overlays and Photoshop brushes so you can follow along with the lessons every step of the way. It also comes with downloadable worksheets which help reinforce the knowledge learnt in lessons.

If you’re looking to spice up your Landscape Photography and make your work stand out in this saturated area of photography, this course is for you.

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Using texture overlays in Photoshop

Use Texture Overlays like a Pro

If you haven’t used texture overlays in your photography, you’re seriously missing out! Texture overlays are a great way to improve the look of your landscapes and turn them into something unique. Not only do you get 173 professionally made textures with this course, you’re also taught how you can have as much fun creating your own textures as you do taking landscape pictures!

Unique fine art landscape photography on Instagram.jpg

Be Unique

Instagram and apps alike have popularised the best landscape photography locations. 1000’s of pictures of the same place pop up every day, so how do you make yours unique? This course will teach you how to transform your photography into individual pieces of art that will stand head and shoulders above the average location shots you constantly see on the internet.

Unlock your potential to create stunning Landscape Photography by joining Trudy Kepke on her journey as she shows you how to transform your photos into unique pieces of art.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Fine Art Landscape Photography, what makes it different

  • The Trudy Kepke style

  • Equipment and techniques used for fine art photography and editing

  • Where initial ideas come from

  • Working on location to create initial landscape photos

  • Using your Raw files as initial ‘sketches’

  • Processing Raw files in Lightroom

  • Working between Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Using texture overlays for landscape photography

  • How to use colour for the enhancement of landscape photography

  • Using Adjustment Layers in Photoshop

  • Layer Masking

  • Sharpening via High Pass Filter

  • Layer Blend Modes

  • Selecting and refining selections

  • Working with 16bit images

  • Working with multiple layers and masks

  • Adding life to a scene via drawing

  • Importing and using Photoshop brushes

  • Print settings and how to print at home

  • Adding borders and signatures to your prints

  • The business of Fine Art Photography

  • Promoting and selling your Fine Art Landscapes

Who is this course for?

  • Photographers wanting to take their landscape photography to the next level.

  • Intermediate level photographers and Photoshop users wanting to learn new techniques to push their craft forward.

  • People wanting to learn more advanced Photoshop skills to enhance their landscape photography.

  • Professional landscape photographers wanting to create new and unique landscape photography so their work competes with the best out there.

Photographer using computer to edit landscape photography


“I completed the Fine Art Landscape course yesterday. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on photography tutorials, but this one was the best I’ve ever watched. The best money I’ve spent on a class!” - Vena Sensenbaugh - USA

Course Content

Trudy in front of screen introducing the Fine Art Photography course

Intro to your course and Trudy Kepke

An introduction to Trudy Kepke, Fine Art Landscape Photography and how the course works. Here Trudy shares her photography journey and gives us an insight into what photography means to her and why she creates photography in this unique way.

Photography Equipment used for Fine Art Landscapes

Lesson 2 – Equipment and Techniques

Here you will learn about the equipment Trudy uses to achieve her desired effects. You’ll look at cameras, lenses, filters and also editing equipment used to get more refined imagery. On top of this, she’ll also share general camera settings and techniques needed to create this type of landscape photography.

St Marys Lighthouse from drone

Lesson 3 – Shoot 1 – St Mary’s Lighthouse

This course takes you through the complete journey from shoot, to edit, to print, to selling. Here we start with Trudy’s first idea for an image which is to create a unique ‘Fine Art’ version of a heavily photographed place called St Mary’s Lighthouse.

Fine Art version of St Marys Lighthouse

Lesson 4 – Edit 1 – St Mary’s Lighthouse

St Mary’s Lighthouse is photographed numerous times every day with thousands of hashtags on social media. Here Trudy shows you how you take images of popular locations and make them stand above the rest by using her unique style of texture overlays, adjustment layers and Photoshop brushes. Watch the image transform into something beautiful and learn how to do it by following along using the raw files, texture overlays and Photoshop brushes provided with this course.

Seaton Sluice landcape photo from drone

Lesson 5 – Shoot 2 – Seaton Sluice

The next shoot is aimed to show you how you can turn a grey day with flat lighting into something special. You are taken to a place called Seaton Sluice where Trudy shows you her techniques and way of thinking when starting a fine art photography piece. 

Seaton Sluice Landscape Photograph before and after Fine Art Edit

Lesson 6 – Edit 2 – Seaton Sluice

Here you will follow along with Trudy and turn this grey scene into a beautiful piece of art. Using the Raw files, texture overlays and Ps brushes provided, you’ll learn all the techniques needed to enable you to get great results with landscape photography - even on days you never thought possible.

Blyth beach huts landscape from drone

Lesson 7 – Shoot 3 - Blyth Beach Huts

This lesson will take landscape photography to the extreme! Trudy talks about an idea of turning some beach huts, on a bright sunny day, into a snow scene. She walks you through the initial idea, camera settings and techniques to take the shot, then we head back to the studio to process it.

Fine Art version of beach huts in the snow

Lesson 8 – Edit 3 - Blyth Beach Huts

Here is where you’ll completely transform an image. Again, using the resources provided, you’ll follow along with Trudy, step by step to transform a sunny beach hut picture into a snow scene. Trudy creates this effect here not only to demonstrate the new photoshop skills, but to also show you how far you can take your landscape photography by applying her techniques!

Printing a fine art landscape photograph

Lesson 9 – The Printing Process

Most of the work Trudy sells is printed in her studio by herself. Anyone who has tried to print their work at home knows the difficulties you face here! In this lesson, Trudy shares her experiences in printing your own work, what equipment she uses and the settings used to create professional prints that match the colours and tones you see on your screen. 

The business of fine art photography

Lesson 10 – The Business of Fine Art Photography

This lesson is for those wanting to take their fine art photography to the next stage and earn money from their passion. Trudy shares the realities of being a fine art photographer and where you can sell your work. You’ll also be advised on how to promote yourself and get a larger following on social media and how you can increase your revenue stream by offering other services.

Trudy Kepke ending her of Fine art landscape photography course

Lesson 11 – End of course

A friendly sign off from Trudy and where you can share your work inspired from this course.


Examples of Trudy Kepke’s Fine Art Photography


About your Tutor

Trudy Kepke is a fine art photographer from the northeast of England. She currently sells her work in galleries, through her own website, has work licensed to a large home furnishing retail store, and she also has her own market stall where she sells prints and takes on commissioned work.

Her journey to the art world started when she was at school. She studied Art and found her passion at School but at this stage only did sketches and charcoal drawings. At 22 years old, Trudy started teaching herself how to paint, enabling her to add colour and make the imagery more aesthetic. She began making watercolour and acrylic paintings which led to her receiving commissions and drove her to keep painting.

Over time Trudy started full-time employment and started a family which couldn’t afford her the time needed to continue her painting. She had to come up with another idea which was faster to produce, and in 2015 she took up photography. At this point, she didn't know anything about a camera but took up a course (with TSOP) and taught herself how to use a DSLR.

Trudy began going out and taking photographs of absolutely everything. At this point, she hadn’t figured out what she was interested in but kept going back to landscape photography. However, she felt something was missing when viewing these photographs on screen. Trudy felt she needed to add something else to that photograph because everybody was taking similar images. She states, “anyone can take a photograph these days, people on mobile phones, all taking photographs of the same things.”

Portrait of Trudy Kepke, Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Trudy felt she had lost touch from her artistic roots; she had forgotten that she’d started from being creative in painting and wanted the effects she had made before on her canvases and watercolour paper. Trudy states “I got to thinking, I'm going to add my own colour and my own textures, and I'm going to turn my photograph into a unique piece of art”. 

“My photograph is an initial sketch on a blank canvas”. This harks back to her creative side when she used to paint. She opens her image in Photoshop and that acts as her ‘blank canvas’ for her to begin the creative process. This continuing way of being an artist has led to her unique style of photography which she will share with you in this course.

To view Trudy’s website, click here



“I loved the Fine Art Landscape course. It's something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I've watched some YouTube vids and found them hard to follow so I lost interest until this class was announced. It was well produced and structured which kept me excited and engaged. I cannot wait to produce my own work. Thank you Trudy Kepke and TSOP for this great course.” – Bryan Phillips - USA


“The courses offered by TSOP are brilliant! They have really helped me advance quickly. Definitely good value!” – Josh Madison – Japan


“What a great course! TSOP have a great way of delivering learning. I own my own training company too, so I do know how to deliver courses etc myself. The way the courses are broken down to basics then chunked together made it easy to follow. Anyone thinking of doing the course, I highly recommend it.” – John Lee – UK

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The course can be completed in your own time, at your own pace. On average someone with a full-time job will take 1 to 2 months to complete the course.

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This course is suited for intermediate photographers and Photoshop users. It is not suited for anyone who hasn’t used Photoshop before. In this case, take our Photoshop Course first.

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I’m confused on what Photoshop version to buy?
It can be confusing when buying Photoshop so here’s our advice. Adobe doesn’t sell Photoshop as a standalone program anymore. Instead, they provide various types of plans which include it. The best one to buy is the ‘Photography Plan (20GB)’ which includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC for a monthly fee. For more details on this plan click here.

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