Beginners in Digital Photography

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The ‘Beginners in Digital Photography’ classes have been very successful in enabling camera owners to understand and master their cameras. 

You might be someone who has a small compact camera gathering dust on the shelf, or someone who has been fumbling with it at family events and holidays. 

Or you could be the enthusiast with an SLR who loves to take pictures for pictures sake!  

Whether you are a complete beginner or a ‘fumbling’ but enthusiastic camera owner, these classes are designed to help with all aspects of the digital scene. 

Past students report such things as ‘fear of pressing the wrong buttons or looking through the menus has gone’ and ‘I found the classes enjoyable and excellent’. 

Computer work is also a necessary aspect of the digital age, but in this we are very gentle on beginners whilst giving more of a challenge to any student who wants it. 

The course runs for 8 weeks and a field trip and sessions on portraits, close up and night photography are just some of what’s included in our informative yet ‘made easy’ curriculum.     

The classes are written and run by experienced photographer Amanda Burke. 

Amanda has been a photographer since 1978 gaining a vast diversity of experience and acquiring a wealth of technical and artistic knowledge in the field. Past students have reported ‘I especially liked your ability to “de-jargon” things’ and ‘Your generosity and helpfulness as a teacher are, in my experience, very rare’.

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Passionate about teaching the joys of digital photography especially to the complete beginner.

Our ‘Beginners in Digital Photography’ classes use an approach that is considered to be sensitive to participants needs with the sole purpose of bringing understanding.


Our aim is to take camera owners, wherever they are at now and to produce a photographer who can go on to wherever they want to go.

Our courses run for 8 weeks, with one of the sessions being a field trip, and are run and tutored by Amanda Burke LIPF.

So whether you have a ‘pocket’ compact camera, an SLR or anything in between, this course offers you exactly what it says it will and gives you more than you expect ! 

And if you are a photographer who wants to be more challenged towards greater things the Beginners  course lays a good foundation for the follow on

‘Improvers Photography Course’.

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