The Improvers Photography Course


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This 8 week course can be a follow on from the Beginners in Digital Photography course.

 The Improvers Photography Course is held in St Patricks Parish Centre, Loughboy, Kilkenny and tutored by Amanda Burke

The Improvers Photography Course is not so much technical as inspirational, embracing all levels and cameras in one.
The thing that gives pleasure with our cameras is the opportunity to capture moments, documenting our locality, friends and family, events, history, people and places and being able to digitally store or present these in creative ways.

 The course is not just informative but it is also practical and fun which adds to the enjoyment of being with an enthusiastic group of photographers who often end up becoming friends.

Week 1. What kind of photography do you want to do?

We are all different in the things we like to photograph. We also vary in the goals we have for our work. Some of us love to record family life and want to do it in the most creative way they can whilst others are fascinated by th beauty of their surroundings and long to capture it. Still others just celebrate the art of photography for its own sake and are open to whatever their imagination and equipment together can create. This session explores the possibilities and helps the photographer to get a clearer picture of who they are and the next step in pursuing their photography goals.

Week 2. Aperture. Focusing your skills.

Whatever camera you own it has the ability of focusing on whats important and leaving the rest of the scene more subtle. This can be achieved through the camera but it’s also about knowing the techniques. This session explores what’s known as ‘Aperture’ and how the camera uses this function to control how much light goes on the sensor and how aperture helps your creativity.

Week 3.  Controlling the speed.

All cameras have the ability to take a picture slowly or quickly. Sometimes the photographer lets the camera choose what speed it takes the photo but other times we can be in control of that. Knowing why our camera operates speed and how to use the amazing variety of speeds for creativity and precision. This session takes us onto the next step to really getting pleasure out of this wonderful hobby or pastime of photography.

Week 4. Getting the light right.

Sometimes we seem to do everything right technically with our cameras and yet still we find our photos are not what we expect. The truth is that even though the manufacturers tell us otherwise, there are some things that are simply not in the camera’s control. This session helps us to understand about the unexpected magic of ‘light’. How much can we the photographer get skilled in recognizing how the light, or lack of it, will affect our shots and what if anything we can do to improve and enhance our photography at this moment.

Week 5. How much control?

There are many different cameras and vastly many more differences in photographers. This session explores the ability of your camera, determines how much control each of our cameras can manage and to what level of control each photographer is comfortable with. 

Week 6. Field trip with theme or competition.

A field trip with opportunity of learning through challenge. Each participant decides what level of challenge they would like to participate in whether it’s to be given a random theme, compete against others or simply enjoy taking night streetscape and/or portraits etc. with guidance.

Week 7. Composition.

Most of us are versed in the basics of composing a photo especially if we've done a beginners course. This subject however can still elude the best of us. This session seeks to bring out the creative inner logic of design helping each participant to learn to look at a subject or scene in a new way and to look out for opportunities in everyday life that cry out to be captured.

Week 8. The art of photography.

Whether we are creating digital media using filters, making books to be printed out of our families and lives, framing prints of landscapes from our holidays or just learning to use techniques with our cameras to create artistic style images, photography is an art and we should see it as such.

This session shows how to use the camera to create art as opposed to recording reality. We also look at the various opportunities that digital media presents to us to create something tangibly artistic from our work.


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