The Improvers Photography Course


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This 10 week course can be a follow on from the Beginners in Digital Photography course.

 The Improvers course is held in St Patricks Parish Centre, Loughboy, Kilkenny and tutored by Amanda Burke and covers some of the most common issues that face photographers wishing to further their knowledge such as understanding aperture and shutter speed, metering and how light affects our photographs.

The Improvers course covers what enthusiastic digital camera owners need to know to be familiar with their camera and also to be in control of the manual settings where applicable so they can be creative with their photography. The course also covers advanced aspects of editing the digital image in order to maintain quality and to decide how to enhance the original captured photograph where needed or desired.

 The course is not just informative but it is also practical and fun which adds to the enjoyment of being with an enthusiastic group of photographers who often end up becoming friends.

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