Astrophotography Course with Ben Bush

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Course Description

Unlock the mysteries of the cosmos with our Astrophotography Course! Capture the breathtaking beauty of the night sky through your lens with expert guidance. Learn essential techniques, from selecting the right equipment to post-processing, and embark on a photographic adventure through the universe. 

This is an in depth, comprehensive astrophotography course that is perfect for beginners in the Astro world and keen photographers looking to explore this genre of photography. This course will teach you every aspect of astrophotography - photographing nightscapes, Milky Way photography, creating star trails, light painting with the stars, deep space photography and photographing the Aurora Borealis – this course has it all!

With the prestigious ‘Astro Photographer of the year’ award under his belt, pro Astro photographer Ben Bush gives you expert tuition to ensure your photography stacks up with the best out there. Follow along with Ben as he transports you into the cosmos and teaches you the secrets behind creating the best astrophotography out there.

As always with TSOP the course has been designed and structured by a professional, fully qualified teacher. Teaching photography since 2002 means the education you receive is free of waffle and focuses on accurate and thorough knowledge. We’ve structured the course in an easy-to-understand way, breaking down this advanced area of photography into manageable learning that anyone can understand.

If you’re looking to learn astrophotography and create beautiful images of the night sky, then this course is for you.

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Kilchurn Castle with the stars and aurora

Camera settings for Astrophotography

Exposing correctly for the night sky is not easy. Precision camera settings and the way you use equipment are essential in showing the stars in their true beauty. Watch Ben teach you how to expose correctly for every Astro occasion!

Mountain with the Milky Way above, before and after edit

Take then Create!

Editing plays a massive role in making any Astro photograph look good. Watch Ben teach you professional editing techniques in Lightroom, Photoshop, Sequator and Star Stax. These essential skills will ensure you get the most out of your photography.

Unlock your potential and create stunning astrophotography. Join Ben Bush on this journey which will transform your photography into something special!

What you will learn

  • Introduction to professional astrophotography, what it is and the challenges you face.

  • Specialised equipment used for astrophotography.

  • Camera settings and techniques used by the pro’s.  

  • How to use budget equipment for astrophotography.

  • How to create stunning nightscapes.

  • Photographing the milky way and the Galactic Core.

  • Star trail photography.

  • Light painting with nightscapes.

  • Deep Space Photography.

  • Photographing the Aurora Borealis.

  • Planning for an effective Astro shoot.

  • How to promote yourself to potential clients.

  • How to build an active social media following.

  • The business of astrophotography and how to monetise your passion.

Who is this course for?

  • Photographers beginning their journey into astrophotography.

  • Photographers wanting to take their astrophotography to the next level.

  • Photographers wanting to add astrophotography to their portfolio.

  • Photographers looking to learn pro astrophotography techniques.

  • Astro photographers wanting to go professional.

Photographer on mountain above clouds


“I am so glad I came across The School of Photography. I love the choice in courses - They are excellent!”

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Course Content

Ben Bush with astro photography equipment on table

Intro to your Course and Ben Bush

An introduction to Ben Bush, his photography and how the course works. Here Ben shares his photography journey into the professional Astro photographer world. He also talks about the different types of Astrophotography and why he is so passionate for this genre.

Man with astro photography equipment on mountain

Lesson 2 – Equipment

Being a specialist genre, astrophotography needs specialist equipment. You’ll look at cameras, lenses, star trackers, telescopes, and essential accessories to get refined professional imagery.

Astro photograph of mountains and lake with camera settings

Lesson 3 – Techniques

In this lesson you’ll start by learning the basics of Astrophotography and you’ll understand the physics behind why good Astro imagery is so hard to achieve. You’ll also learn about specific camera settings for astrophotography, how to expose for the night sky, how to focus on stars properly, pros and cons of star trackers and many more pro techniques to send your photography to the next level.   

Man using phone app to find the Milky Way

Lesson 4 – Planning for an Astro shoot

Planning in astrophotography is so important to get right. From where to go to finding the positioning of the galactic core, this lesson will ensure you get your planning right so that good photography will follow!

Camera taking picture of hills and stars

Lesson 5 – Budget Astrophotography

It is possible to get good nightscapes with budget equipment and this lesson is a perfect start for beginners. Using a standard f4 kit lens and crop sensor camera Ben shows you how to create Astrophotography using a one shot and stacked technique.

Lesson 6 – Budget Astrophotography Edit

The first of the edit lessons, here you’re taught how to edit basic Astrophotography in Lightroom and Photoshop and how to reduce noise in your final images using free to use astrophotography software. You are also provided with the raw files so you can follow along with the lesson.

The Milky Way arching over a tree

Lesson 7 – Photographing the Milky Way

A classic for any Astro photographer is to capture the milky way above an interesting scene. This lesson does not disappoint! Ben shows you how to capture the Milky Way above Mount Teide and teaches you how best to capture the galactic core and how and why you need to expose for several different shots.

The Milky Way over mountain before and after edit

Lesson 8 – Milky Way Photography Edit

In this lesson you’re shown how to edit milky way photography in Lightroom and Photoshop. You’re taught how to merge the foreground with the sky and how to reduce noise for a better effect. As with all edit lessons, you’re provided with the raw files so you can follow along and learn with ease. 

Star trail over observatory

Lesson 9 – Star Trail Photography

A great technique to learn and a must for any Astro photographer. Here Ben teaches you how to plan, set up, and expose for a series of star photos that will eventually turn into fantastic star trail picture over the famous Teide observatory in Tenerife.

Man standing on rock with torch and Milky Way in background

Lesson 11 – Light Painting

Here is a great lesson which will teach you how to create amazing effects by light painting foreground objects and adding people into your scenes. For maximum impact, you’ll also learn how to make sure you include the milky way!

Lesson 13 – Deep Space Photography

As you progress in astrophotography your passion for the cosmos will grow and lead you into deep space photography. This is a more advanced technique that does require more equipment but when you take a clear image of a galaxy over 2.5 million light years away, you’ll understand why this is such a great part of astrophotography.

The Aurora Borealis above mountain

Lesson 15 – Photographing the Aurora Borealis

For an Astro photographer, photographing the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) is like the holy grail and it’s something you should aspire to. In this lesson Ben gives you all the tips and tricks needed and shares his years of knowledge in photographing the Aurora. You’ll learn settings, equipment locations and many other things needed to take great pictures of the Aurora.

Lesson 17 – End of Course Recap

A friendly sign off from Ben and a recap on the knowledge you’ve learnt on the course.

Observatory with star trail above before and after edit

Lesson 10 – Editing Star Trails

This lesson teaches you the secrets behind editing perfect star trails. You’ll use Lightroom and other free to use Astro apps to help create this wonderful effect with ease.

Lesson 12 – Light Painting Edit

This effect requires you merge several images together and Ben delivers a master class in how to do this whilst reducing noise and keeping your images sharp. As always you are provided the raw files to work along with.

Lesson 14 – Editing Deep Space Photography

Making light that’s been captured more than 2.5 million light years away look good is no easy feat. But here Ben makes it look easy and he teaches you how to merge the data captured to show beautiful far-flung galaxies and nebulas.

Collage of images showing Ben Bush acheivements

Lesson 16 – The Business of Astrophotography

After mastering creating art from the night sky, it’s time to build a following and monetise your passion. Here you’ll learn how to build a portfolio, increase your social media presence and how to earn money from astrophotography. 

A selection of Ben’s work


About your Tutor

Ben is an award winning, published professional photographer born and bred in the Lake District, UK.  A life of walking the mountains, hills and lakes with camera in hand and dogs in tow has given Ben a deep love and knowledge of the beauty of the Lake District & Cumbria both day & night.  Based in Cockermouth at The Bridge Gallery, Ben runs tuition sessions in the Lake District as well as workshops and road trips in places further afield like the Highlands of Scotland, Iceland & Tenerife.

Ben won the Astronomy Photographer of the Year with his photograph ‘Ben, Floyd & the Core’.  Being one of 8 winners from nearly 6,000 entries allowed Ben to turn his passion into a career which was his lifelong dream.  Ben’s photography has been published globally and toured in exhibitions all-round the UK.

View Ben’s website here

Ben Bush Astro Photographer


“I absolutely loved the course! It was not only incredibly informative but also a lot of fun. The content was well-structured and easy to follow. A fantastic experience that I highly recommend to anyone looking to enhance their skills.” – Nic Longuet – UK

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“The School of Photography is one of the best ways to learn photography. The teaching is excellent and straightforward, and the community is encouraging and helpful. They are my go-to recommendation for anyone who wants to learn how to be a photographer.” – Jonathan Gill – USA

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What level do I need to be at?
This course is suited for intermediate photographers, Lightroom and Photoshop users. It is not suited for anyone who hasn’t used Photoshop and Lightroom or learnt about the basics of photography. In this case, please take a look at our Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop courses.

I’m not in the UK, will this course still be suitable for me?
Yes. All skills taught are the same worldwide.

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Please see ‘Buying Options’ above.

Do I need Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Affinity for this course?
It depends. If you want to follow along with the edits then the answer is yes. However, if you edit your work in a different program then you can simply use the same editing techniques in whatever program you are used to. The raw files provided will open in any editing program that supports raw editing. If you wish to buy Adobe editing software we recommend buying their ‘Photography Plan (20GB)’ which includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC for a monthly fee. For more details on this plan click here.

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The courses are priced in British Pounds and US Dollars. On checkout, it will show the cost in British Pounds and will be converted into your currency when purchased. To get an accurate cost in your own currency click here to use a Currency Converter.

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Yes - On completion of all our courses, you receive a certificate from The School of Photography.


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