Become an Affiliate of The School of Photography

We partner with photography related brands, magazines, and websites to share our online courses. To join our affiliate program, please read the information below carefully.

How does our affiliate program work?

We provide you with specific links and images to our courses. You simply add these to your site, blog or newsletters and earn money from each purchase made via the links.

The School of Photography has a high reputation for quality and I’m afraid we don’t affiliate with just anyone! The photography internet world is full of companies wanting to make a quick buck rather than provide a top-quality service. We will not affiliate with companies/websites looking for a quick buck. We want to make lifelong partnerships with companies that are as passionate about photography as we are and have a reputation that says the same.

So firstly, you will need to complete the form below so we can see if you are a good fit for our affiliate program.


What happens if I’m accepted on the Affiliate Program?

If accepted, we will contact you for the next stages and provide you with unique links and images to place on your website.

These links are then tracked and if any sales are made via the links you will receive a percentage of that sale. The percentage we allocate to you will be given on successful application only.

You can customize your visitor experience by linking to either a specific course, all courses or our home page. Either way, you take a percentage of any online course or membership purchased on our site within 30 days of the first click.

How to use your affiliate links?

You add hyperlinks to text or images in your site/blog/emails. 

How do you earn money from purchases?

You will earn money for valid purchases through your affiliate tracking links within 30 days of the first click. You will be able to track your sales and will get paid at the beginning of every month.

What are the benefits of joining the TSOP affiliate program?

The benefits of being a TSOP affiliate are:

  • Earn extra revenue by providing a high-quality service relevant to your visitors.

  • Being able to offer more services, specific to your audience.

  • Strengthen your own brand by being affiliated with a long-standing, highly reputable photography company.

  • Offer exclusive offers to your visitors - only available to affiliates.

  • Building a lasting relationship that benefits us both.

  • And becoming part of the TSOP team 😊