At TSOP we deliver high-quality photography courses online, in person, in books and are a leading provider of photography education to schools and colleges in the UK.

A Photography Teacher since 2002

I’m Marc Newton and I run the team here. I’m a photographer, educational speaker, author and teacher of photography.

Teaching Photography has been my passion for many years. I got my first paid photography job in 1997 whilst doing my photography degree, but in 2002 I decided to give teaching a go and I haven’t looked back since. I loved seeing the stunning imagery my students produced. I found the process of teaching filled me with a real sense of joy, and it still does today.

My success in teaching led me to become an Advanced skills Teacher and I started to train UK school teachers to deliver the Photography GCSE and A-Level curriculum. I wanted to take all of this teaching experience and offer it up to a wider audience, so in 2012 I started The School of Photography and now I teach this beautiful craft to people all over the world.

Marc Newton Photography Teacher

I graduated with an honours degree in Photography in 2000 and over the years I’ve worked for many clients, turning my hand to various genres. I’ve exhibited much of my Art around the world and have had my work published in many national papers and magazines. I’m now fortunate enough to be able to take on commissions that interest me and complete my own personal projects due this great job of being a photography teacher.

My qualifications are as follows:

Rest assured, when it comes to learning photography, you’re in good hands!

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Meet the Team

Vivien from the TSOP Team


Hi, I’m Vivien and I deal with the admin side of things, our school-based education services and the financial side of the administration. If you’re a school making enquiries and bookings, it’s normally comes through me. It might sound like the boring part of TSOP but believe me, these lot would be lost without me, especially when it comes to organising the socials! I’m also a mother and love doing all things mummies do, well maybe not the clearing up but everything else. I probably shouldn’t admit it, but I also love watching reality TV and following all the celeb gossip!


Hello! I’m Ryan and I’m a Videographer and Editor at TSOP. Right now, I’m probably chopping and changing the content you’ll be seeing soon! Since I’m a big Film and Arts guy, I’m glad to be working in this field. I get to see all the great photography that gets produced here and make the videos that help people create it which is great. On the side, I dabble in Video Game development and other creative outlets. Also naps! I love having a quick nap. Not while at work of course. 


Hello! I’m Joel and I’m a Videographer and Editor at TSOP. My day to day is filming and editing the content that our lucky members get to watch! I've always loved all things creative, so to get to do it as my full-time job is unreal! I have a lot of random hobbies, so in my spare time I'll be kayaking through rivers, skateboarding at the local skatepark or relaxing and playing some guitar.


Hello, I’m Charles and I help with the marketing at The School of Photography. If you see the social posts or get any emails, they are most likely from me. I’ve always been very creative, so it’s an absolute pleasure to work alongside such an innovative team of people. In my spare time you’ll find me watching F1 or taking part in online sim racing leagues. I’m also a bit of a biscuit connoisseur and usually the reason why the biscuit tin is empty!

Marc from the TSOP Team


And, there’s me. As well and leading this lot, I plan all the educational content and respond to our members when they need help and advice. I’m lucky that my main passion in life is my job but on top of this I have a real love for music, especially from the 60’s and 70’s, there’s not a Pink Floyd song I don’t know! I’m also a proud father and love my little dog. One of my biggest pleasures in life is taking my family to the park then for coffee and cake, it’s the little things like this in life that make you happy 😊.



My name is Zig the dog and I’m chief of morale here at TSOP. When there’s deadlines to meet, and the stress is building, I jump on laps and lick faces until the job gets done. My daily jobs are sitting at people’s feet until they notice me, getting things out the bin then bringing them to people’s feet until they notice me and as a last resort, barking at people’s feet so they notice me. In my spare time I like to run up to any kids playing in the park, spoil football matches by chasing the ball and running the length of any big field because I’ve caught a whiff of something. I consider myself an integral part of TSOP and if I’m going to be honest, this team would be lost without me 😊. 

Our Photographers

Mark McGee

Mark has been a professional portrait photographer since 2011. He has worked with companies such as Hasselblad, Rotolight, and photographed many actors and musicians. Mark is the tutor for our Headshot Photography Course.

Tom Archer

Tom is an award-winning freelance photographer based in London. He began his love for photography in his early 20s and has worked as a professional photographer since 2011. Tom is the tutor for our Landscape Photography Course.

Trudy Kepke

Trudy is a fine art photographer from the northeast of England. She currently sells her work in galleries, through her own website, has work licensed to a large home furnishing retail store. Trudy is the tutor for our Fine Art Landscape Course.

Sujata Setia

Sujata is a UK based, multi-award winning children, newborn, pregnancy /maternity and family photographer. Sujata is the tutor for our upcoming Fine Art Family and Children Portraits Course.

Oliver Wright

Oliver is a UK based nature photographer and specialises in macro photography. He became a full-time pro photographer in 2014.  Since then, his work has taken him around the world. Oliver is the tutor for our Macro Photography Course.

Ben Bush

Ben is an award winning, professional Astro photographer born and raised in the Lake District. He won the People & Space category of Astronomy Photographer of the Year. Ben is the tutor for our Astrophotography Course.

Andy Rouse

Andy’s love for nature started in his teens whilst on country walks with his dad. He has has won over 30 major awards, including the BBC wildlife photographer of the year. Andy is the tutor for our wildlife photography course.

Marc Newton

Marc is the team leader here at TSOP. He got his first paid photography job in 1997 during his photography degree, but in 2002 decided to give teaching a go. Marc is the tutor for a few of our courses, including our popular Beginners Photography Course.


“The School of Photography transcends the formal classroom constraints when it comes to learning. There is a welcoming warmth that draws you in and stays with you as you go from lesson to lesson. TSoP epitomizes excellence!”

– Natasha Blackman - Trinidad and Tobago

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